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Machu Picchu Luxury Tours is convinced that tourism can and must be a road towards the development of Peru, we will continue to act as good Peruvians and seek to improve the welfare of our country, especially for its neediest citizens. Through our Company we renew the commitment to Peru and its future. We participate actively in the development of the small Andean communities in which culture, education and equal opportunity of development are accessible to all. To promote access to culture, education and equal opportunity and to foster inclusive and self-sustainable development project in communities where tourism-related opportunities exist. As a part of our mission here at Machu Picchu Luxury Tours we believe in giving back to the community, our company enjoyed Christmas festivities in the Misminay community; we hoped we bought happiness and joy in this special season to all the children of the community. Sharing with sincere affection the traditional cake ‘Paneton’ and a cup of hot chocolate, the whole family of Machu Picchu Luxury Tours participated.

Looking at the smiles of all the children and their very grateful parents, makes us continue visiting communities each year at Christmas and we hope we brighten a little the lives of these families.

Christmas 2016

Community of …
In the community of Misminay, Cusco, there are 300 families who live and preserve their ancient traditions work with nature and believe in the cosmos. In this remarkable village, which possesses a mysterious textile iconography, unique plants and animals, subtle gastronomy of native products and maintains pre-Hispanic customs.